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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

You can get a membership on just about anything, now you can get one on some self care that you deserve. The amount of benefits you reap when you get monthly facial is insane, but what is it and is it worth it?

Shine Skin Health Studio ~ Self-Care for your Skin! Our Memberships help you build and maintain your best skin each month. It’s flexible and a great value with no contracts, and you can cancel anytime. Our mission is to help you build and maintain healthy skin through clean, effective skincare treatments and affordable memberships.

SHINE SIGNATURE MEMBERSHIP ($45/month): Choose one of the following popular treatments each month:

Hydrating Facial, Anti-Acne Facial, Skin Health Facial

CBD Facial



Shine & Go Lite Peel.

HYDRAFACIAL MEMBERSHIP ($135/month): (1) Signature HydraFacial Each Month with a Free Dermaplane ($65 Value).

With each membership get 10% off Shine Services and Products. If you'd like to use your membership on another Shine service or product, you can apply the membership amount. Are you graduating in a few months, or will you be home for the summer? No Problem, It's so easy to cancel or pause memberships at anytime! No contracts or penalties. Payments recur monthly.


WHY should you choose to sign up for a skincare membership.

  • On average clients tend to save anywhere from $25-50 a month by being a member.

  • Client say they have seen MAJOR results just after 3 months

  • Maintenance: Most treatments you get when you go to a spa are cumulative, as in the results are built from multiple treatments. so if you want to see major long lasting results this is a great option.

  • Preventative: Sadly as we get older our skin cell production and replacement slows down. Aging is something that is inevitably going to happen to all of us. Although it is inexorable it is important to start preventing now.

  • Skincare specialist who knows you and your skin: with a membership you get to grow a connection with your esthetician that knows and understands your skin And lifestyle. In which, this allows them to know what services and proudct are going to be best for you. Going to one person that understands you and can work towards your goal is so important.

  • Self care: Lets admit we are all guilty of getting caught ip in everyday life and tend to forget to take care of yourself. An membership is a great way for you to block out a out of your month and focus on yourself and relax. Facials are proven to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, reducing anxiety levels and lifting up your mood.

  • When you come in consistently that is when REAL - LONG TERM changes happen

  • NO contract or hidden fees!!

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