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Whats the Point in a Facial

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

“Aren’t they just a lot of money”
"Facials are just for a spa day on special occasions"


These are comments I've heard a million times, this is a lot of peoples outlook on what a facial is. I am here to break that stigma. Because your skin is probably missing out on something that it NEEDS. Even if you do not have blemishes, hyperpigmentation, severe acne, or any other problems, your face needs professionally evaluated to keep it healthy and free of skin issues. The skin is a living organ, the largest organ in your body actually. It takes about 30 days for the cells to move up from the dermis to the surface, or epidermis, where they flatten out, die, and slough off. Giving it a boost every 30 days is what skin needs to look its best.

Benefits of a facial:

✨Cleanses your skin

✨Promotes blood circulation

✨Prevents aging


✨Treats blemishes

✨Exfoliates and opens up your pores

✨Helps with dark circles and under eye bags

✨Reduces stress

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