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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The first step in dealing with acne is to try to pin point the root to the evil. Acne is a Clogged pore. It can be inflamed and non inflamed. A few things I have found that could be attributing to your clogged pores are:

  • excess production of oil

  • bacteria

  • hormones

  • dead skin cells

  • ingrown hairs

  • sensitives (food, environment, product)

  • gut health

There is no magical cure if I had one I promise I would be blasting it out to the world. EVERY skin story is different and it is going to take a little TRAIL AND ERROR



Do not panic and change everything you are currently doing with your skincare routine. Putting your skin in a whole new environment your skin is going to freakout and purge. Instead invest in good quality products and introduce them one at a time.


Find a Cleanser with a glycolic, salicylic acids as a base. These ingredients help exfoliate the skin and shed dead skin cells that causing the pores to clog.

Avoid products with physical exfoliants. Exfoliants can be harsh and aggravate the skin. Products with micro beads are too harsh for the face as they cause micro tears in the skin.

Avoid products that are rich in alcohol. Alcohol is going to strip the skin of all its nutrients and cause it to be more inflamed.

For the life of me do not apply that bathroom cleaner or toothpaste to "heal" your acne.

Our favorites are the epionce lytec gel cleanser, and purifying wash.


Don't forget to hydrate your skin. When your skin is dehydrated it is going to appear even more red and angry. EVEN OILY SKIN NEEDS MOISTURE

Avoid moisturizers with coconut oil, and heavy shea butter. Yes, it’s natural but it’s harder than most oils for the skin to break down and this tends to clogs pores and give you nice whiteheads


Go ahead and hide those tweezers, DO NOT amazon no fancy little too, iInfluencer are paid to push these products, we constantl see people with broke capillaries, bruises, scars and hypropigmentations, by the improper use of these devises. By all means stay out of the 6x magnifying mirror. I mean who wants to see theirselves that close anyways . PICKING IS GOING TO CAUSE MORE DAMAGE THAN IT IS WORTH!!

Would you rather 3-4 days with a pimple or a year with a scar. Instead invest in a good spot treatment and use it strictly on those spots you want to pick, My favorite is Epionce puryifing spot gel, it is menthol based which helps dry out but also helps heal the redness.


Being a makeup junkie like a I am I have tested all brands of concealer, growing up I would cake and bake that joker, but by the end of the day it was more inflamed and irritated than ever before. If you have to cover it for something important apply a thin coat and blend out the edges, it's actually going to be less noticeable if you apply a light layer than heavy concealer.

Consider supplementation.

I plan to do another post on your skin and the affect your gut has on it soon. Your skin is the first thing to show when there is something going on in your gut.Keep your stomach/intestines as strong as possible. Probiotics are a must.

I use 1up nutrition Reds and Greens you can find a discount codes, and the amazing benefits of these products on Sydneymadams_ instagram page.


How you can benifit from visiting Shine Facial Bar

We offer a large variety of skincare treatments that are made to tackle acne.

Anti Acne Facial

Physician-grade facials designed to treat active acne or prevent future breakouts. Our combination of medical grade ingredients and gentle treatments help calm active acne and de-stresses the skin.


Ultimate Skin Refresh! Clear Your Pores, Extract, Peel and Hydrate with our powerhouse Signature HydraFacial (you'll see the results in the infamous "gunk jar") and pair with the the best prep for any treatment, the Shine Dermaplane.


Shine's targeted hydrodermabrasion treatments that hydrate, extract blackheads and clean pores. Available for all skin types, including active acne.

Shine And Go Chemical Peel

Ideal for clients new to peels, want a lighter peel or a one-time treatment with no downtime. The Shine&Go enhances hydration, encourages cell turnover giving a brighter, smoother appearance without peeling or flaking. We use physician-grade all natural ingredients.

Infusion Facial

It's like IV Therapy for your face, lips and neckline! (with no needles or downtime :) Shine's latest enhanced facial includes a custom cocktail mix of serums and medical grade skincare, infused in your skin through a nano-infusion process. You'll create a targeted blend with your esthetician, including Vitamin C, HA (hyaluronic acid for deep hydration), Peptides and SkinBetter, SkinMedica and Epionce medical grade skincare. Includes serum infusion, targeted mask and cleanse. If you'd love something deeper for your skin, but you're not ready for the microneedle, this will have your face hooked!

High Frequency

Targeted high-frequency skin therapy treatments for acne spot treatments, wrinkle prevention and skin tightening. Add this service to any Shine facial.

Check out the membership and these services @

Have questions? Use the contact me section, I would love to help you love the skin you are in!

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