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Caring for your Lash Extensions

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Aftercare is about protecting your eyelash investment and getting the most out of each and every eyelash application.

  • Please arrive to the appointment with no makeup and a clean, fresh eyelashes and face

  • Please do not drink caffeine up to 6-7 hours of the appointment time

  • It is suggested you shower prior to the appointment as you do need 24 hours without any water contact after application i.e swimming, showering, sauna, sweating, gym, facials, etc

  • Don't wet your eyelashes for 24 hours after your procedure. This will give the glue an appropriate amount of time to cure. This means you should also avoid steam rooms / saunas and swimming during that period.

  • Do not use waterproof mascara on your eyelashes. A water soluble mascara or one designed specifically for eyelash extensions is fine to use, although you'll probably find that you no longer require mascara.

  • Use make up brush or make up remover wipe to remove makeup by working gently around the eyelashes. Cotton swabs can also be used to clean around the eyelash area, but becareful because cotton swabs can catch on and pull out eyelash extensions or leave cotton fibers if caught on extetions. I prefer to use a dense fluffy eyeshadow brush. LINK BELOW

  • Do not use cleansers, makeup removers or moisturisers that contain oil or solvents on your eyes, as these will compromise the bonding agent used to adhere your eyelashes.

  • Do not rub your eyes, instead you should get used to patting your eyes gently which is in fact much better for the eyelashes and the skin around the eyes.

  • Never pull your eyelash extension off as it will pull out your natural eyelash. If you want them removed contact us for our professional eyelash removal service.

  • Do not perm or tint your eyelash extensions. Do not use eyelash curlers on your eyelashes.

  • Book your next eyelash refill at 2 - 3 weeks or a maximum of 4 week intervals in order to maintain your optimum eyelash effect. Every client is different and fills will depend on the indiviuals lash grow, maintenance and other factors.

Tips to keep lashes looking great and extending the life of your lash extensions After you shower you can gently dry & shape your eyelashes using your hair dryer on the lowest setting. Hold the dryer at least 8 inches below your face and gently coax the eyelashes with your index finger in an upward motion until they are dry. When you shower, keep a towel in easy reach so that you can gently pat your eyes between washing and conditioning your hair. This saves you rubbing your eyes to clear your vision so that you can locate the conditioner. Resist playing with them


. Your eyelashes shed naturally, so when you have extensions, this will help push them off. If an extension looks out of place, avoid playing with it or twisting or pulling it off—you'll risk losing your natural lashes. Let them come out on their own, and use a spoolie to brush them back into place in the meantime.


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